Why LemanRisco ?

Our services are not limited by your limits

« Everything becomes clear »

We relieve you of your insurance portfolio management.
We are a team of professionals, of experts with unique track records and young managers at the forefront of the new opportunities. We offer bespoke insurance solutions in all branches .

Client privé

Nous mesurons combien la complexité des assurances dont vous avez besoin peut devenir compliqué à gérer. C’est pour cela que nous vous offrons une vision et un service à 360° pour les assurances de personne et de prévoyance. Et nous vous assistons pour le suivi des dossiers 24h sur 24.


Nous pensons que l’anticipation et l’agilité sont des priorités, cela fait partie de notre culture. Donc anticiper et ajuster en fonction des évolutions est primordial, reconnaître vos besoins et les monitorer en fonction de l’évolution de lois est notre spécialité, lié à un system IT à la pointe.


Nous mesurons combien la complexité des assurances est difficile à gérer en entreprise. La santé, l’outil de travail, la protection des biens, la prévoyance est devenu même un critère de recrutement. C’est pour cela que nous vous offrons une vision et un service à 360°


Nous sommes conscient qu’il faut laisser votre capital humain se concentrer sur les affaires et non pas sur l’administration. C’est pour cela que nous vous déchargeons de ces paramètres de gestions qui sont prioritaires pour que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur l’essentiel.

Everything becomes clear

Are you a company ?

You are well insured and fully satisfied with your coverage, but are you really sure to have anticipated this

Are you a private person ?

You are well insured and fully satisfied with your coverage, but are you really sure to have anticipated this

With us.

For LemanRisco, listening to clients and being able to anticipate your expectations is our strength

A tailor made service for total clarity

Your advantages.

A 360° vision of all aspects of personal insurance and pension plan

1. Our insurance advise includes

  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Protection of Property
  • Risk analysis , security

2. Our technology

  • Modern reporting and summary of contracts and premium budgets for fast and effective control at all time
  • With the RiscoWeb, a secure system that provides access in real time anywhere in the world, Including advise for emergency procedure

3. Our commitments

  • Reducing and stabilizing your budget
  • Security in the scope and extent of insurance coverage
  • Assist your services in monitoring files and transactions

Our Services

Phone assistance 24/7 in case of emergency

1. Advice

  • Evaluation and advice in managing your risks
  • Duty to inform about social security updates
  • History & Statistics

2. Brokerage

  • Analysis of needs
  • Trading conditions (competitive bidding)
  • Risk placement
  • Portfolio summary with daily updates
  • Support in monitoring for the duration of the program
  • Control and verifications of all documents issued by insurers

3. Claims

  • Online claims declaration
  • Management of the file directly with insurance companies
  • Assistance in case of appeal or difficult situation
  • Online tracking and history of files
  • Negotiating of compensation from insurer
  • Any advice on the matter
  • Financial transactions by the current account

4. Finance

  • Personalized current account
  • Transactions premiums and claims
  • Annual budget with monthly due dates
  • Certificate for tax return
  • LBA control Affiliation

Our areas of activities

Companies or private persons , ask us.

1. Companies

We support you in managing your legal obligations with smart insurance solutions

+ Protection of your belongings and assets
+ Protection of your collaborators

2. Private persons

Our experience will allow you to anticipate situations for total clarity

+ Protection of your belongings/assets

3. Life and Pension plans

The best solutions for individual and professional pension plans
Alongside you we work to insure your peace of mind and make sure that it’s all clear

+ Learn more

4. Medical & Health

Research and selection of the best insurers based on LemanRisco own performance index.

+ (Français) Notre préoccupation est votre prévention

RiscoWeb ™

RiscoWeb ™ is a web platform that allows you to access your insurance data safely and confidentiality. RiscoWeb ™ benefit is to inform you at all times , 24 /7 , where you are ,of your insurance status for all branches. Coverage Consultation by specific field
Premiums , deductibles. Claims.Current account status and extractions. Interactive communication with Léman Risco, Etc.

Connect to RiscoWeb


Phone assistance 24/7 in case of emergency

Where can you find us ?

Léman Risco SA
211, Route de Ferney
CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
Tél. +41 (0)22 338 03 10 24/7
Fax +41 (0)22 338 03 19


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